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         SUH CHAN LIGHTING INTERNATIONAL COMPANY is one of the lighting industry company currently in Dongguan, China. Background and Development.
        SUH CHAN LIGHITNG INTERNATIONAL COMPANY, one of the lighting industry company, was established in Taiwan in 1985. We have been dedicated in this area for 30 years. Our main products are table lamp, floor lamp, wall lamp, ceiling lamp and more lighting relative materials. Furthermore, our major markets are USA, Canada, South America, and other country.
        The standard in safety file E127444

        Lamps used for learning and work, is a way to gather light lighting tool; not only lighting lamp that emits light but also to the whole room was decorated with warm and elegant, with good decorative function. So, you use correct it? 1, the light bulb to the right degree   If the degree is too low, the light shine on the dark book, we see the handwriting is not easy, it will cause visual fatigue, a long

      1. 2016-10-13The standard in safety file E127444
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      Suh Chan Lighting International Company Tel::86-0769-83106055 Fax:0769-83106065 Add: Dongguan Da Long town cents village

      東莞松展燈飾有限公司 地址:中國廣東東莞市大朗鎮石廈仙村仙江路21號 電話:0769-83100056 傳真:0769-83100057